Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Arabic Stations Compete for Attention

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Arabic Stations Compete for Attention

Reading this article made me think of how our news stations compete against one another for audience attention. The more popular stations CBS, FOX, MS NBC, and CNN all compete against one another for viewers. In the end they are all saying the same thing, but in different ways.
Al Jazeera, the satellite station based in Qatar, is the dominating station. Although Al Jazeera has many loyal viewers, there are many opposed to the way they inform. The director of foreign media at the Foreign Affairs said, "They may speak Arabic, but they are not reporting from an Arab perspective that takes a clear stand against war".
The common anti war reports that Al Jazeera is delivering is what is angering many listeners and driving them to other stations. For those who don't like the approach from Al Jazeera they can switch to Abu Dhabi TV, which is said to be gentler.
Ultimately, news stations have a job to do and this job is to gain as many viewers as possible. All though they are all pretty much saying the same thing, it comes down to how they deliver their information.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post.

Now there is a competition to cover the war and affect public opinion in the middle east and around the world. The once dominant American media are no longer as influential as they were ten years ago. This has changed to battle over the image of war.

5/08/2007 11:24 AM  

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