Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: How to Change the News On Iraq

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to Change the News On Iraq

According to E.J. Dionne Jr. Fox channel 5 news is "television's most pro-Bush network,..." so the real question is why are they offering very negative news of the Iraq war. Amazingly, the Bush administration took a poll asking whether or not "news reports are making the situation seem worse than it really is, better than it really is -- or are reports showing the situation about the way it really is.?" (Dionne Jr) To a surprise, "fifty five percent of those who said the Fox News Channel was their main source of news said the newsies were making things seem worse...". (Dionne Jr.) Even though the poll showed that Fox news audience is significantly more Repulican than most networks the news they are seeing has "little to do with what they are seeing or reading and a lot to do with their political preconceptions." and their view on whether or not Bush is right or wrong. (Dionne Jr.) The fact is that "this news may contradict the optimistic predictions made by the administration, so I don't blame Bush or his supporters for not liking what they are seeing or reading. But changing the news won't change the situation. Improving the situation will change the news." (Dionne Jr.)


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