Propaganda & Mass Persuasion

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The O.W.I

During World War 2, there was a need to help the war effort. It was hard to get America mobilized and wanting to help out. With this in mind The Office of War time information was created, also known as the O.W.I. The O.W.I created many things to help get Americans on the move to help out. One of the most powerful, and influential things that the O.W.I did was created a guide for Magazines. In this guide was a how to, on getting people into the war effort subtly. It was really genius! The O.W.I. had a strong influence on getting women mobilized. They would have subtle war references put into advertising, and magazine articles. These ads and articles would allow women to feel they are truly an asset to a country and we need them. (Although afterwards turned out, they only wanted the women for the war time effort =[ ) we did need them at this time though, we needed them to do the jobs the men can’t do because they were out fighting the war. These ads’s and articles helped women to realize their efforts here on the home front were just as helpful as those men fighting the war!