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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No News Is No News

Michael Schiffler and Michael Rinzler have a news report about the governments restrictions to what news is allowed to the public in the midst of the Gulf War. According to the government these "restrictions are presented as necessary to protect the national interest, and few would argue in favor of media reports that place troops in danger." (Schiffler/Rinzler) This statement sides with how our government feels but not all of the public agrees or has the same persperctive as the government. Some of the public feel that "media restrictions have further served to shift the debate from vital questions--such as what the position of the United States in the Arab would will be when the troops have come home..." (Schiffler/Rinzler) I would have to agree with both sides, I can understand the government not wanting to lose public support for the war. But it is the publics sons and daughters that they are sending to war. Besides, if the public does not know the whole truth about what the situation actually is then, they can feel deceived and undemocratic. Most public feels that for "democracy to flourish, informed public discourse concerning the war must be full and free." (Schiffler/Rinzler)


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