Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: War's Hidden Cost

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

War's Hidden Cost

John Cushman of the Wahington Post has been reporting of the Iraqi War and the collateral damage being caused by the United States military and government. According to him, "when bombs fall, some of them will fall on the wrong people. Sometimes innocents are killed..." (Cushman) Even though the United States military assesses each situation for civilian risks, nothing is ever one hundred percent guaranteed. One pilot said that "as a pilot, I can do everything perfectly with a perfect weapons system and still cannot account for every weapon going exactly where it's supposed to go." An example of this would be when the United States bombed a military facility in Tora Bora and killed a high amount of civilians and innocent people. Unfortunately, innocent people always occur as casualties in a war. There is nothing to do no matter what the public expects. Machinery is not one hundred percent guaranteed and there is always a possibility of something going wrong.


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