Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Bomb Remnants Increase War's Toll

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bomb Remnants Increase War's Toll

The picture to the left is of a landmine. But to most children in Iraq this could be seen as a food packet for a young child or adult in the Afghanistan region. In this article by Amy Waldman, unexploded bombs such as landmines cause increased civilian collataral damage. The reason for this is that the "the pieces of the bomb are yellow, the same color as the packages of food rations dropped by American planes. And while the Pentagon said its plans to change the color of the food packets from yellow to blue to avoid confusion it had not yet done so." (Waldman) This article was written over two years ago and hopefully by now our government realizes that it has killed many innocent people and children. These unexploded landmines and bombs displace people and their families. Personally, I think the government should go back in and dismantle as many of these bombs as possible after the war is over. It will help save millions of innocent people and their families. Unfortunately, today in 2007 the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is still taking place.


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