Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Rivals criticize CNN

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rivals criticize CNN

In the article "Rivals Criticize CNN Methods of War Reporting", Jim Rutenberg and Bill Carter discuss how other news stations are complaining about how CNN gets their news overseas. They that CNN uses unethical methods to get stories before they do. "People at those networks still maintain that CNN could have enjoyed such exclusives access to Baghdad only by striking some sort of deal with the enemy". After reading this article, I was not really convinced. They did not give any clear evidence of foul play and it seemed as though the other news organizations were jealous of their access. The article explains why CNN has such great access and to me it sounds believable. Maybe someone else can give me a different point of view, if there is one.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post.

Should CNN be criticized for broadcasting from Baghdad? Yes they had to negotiate with the Iraqi government to gain access. But isn't that exactly what they need to do to get the story? Clearly there are limits to the terms of the agreement. But some critics seemed to be saying that any reporting from Baghdad was a form of treason.

5/08/2007 11:02 AM  

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