Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: To Much at Once?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

To Much at Once?

The introduction of the news crawl or “ticker” as others refer to it has been an advantage to most news stations that have lots of developing and impending stories to report and has left many Americans in either a news fog or state of confusion. In Farhi’s ”’Crawls’ March Across TV Territory”, explain that many cable news stations use crawls to get as much information to the public as possible, all while reporting on the days top events however many fell that its way too much information at one time for the audience making the not want to view the news at all. For this very reason, major news networks such as CBS, NBC, and ABC and local Washington new stations have all opted not to use crawls while reporting (although that has changed since October 2001 when this article was published). In the article, senior vice president of CNN, Susan Bunda stated that “Whether we like it or not, a faster pace is the reality now" and that “People will become accustomed to it.”, but also quoted in the article was director of NewsLab, Deborah Potter’s 15 year old son whom because of all the information being shown at once during the news said “Mom, I don’t know where to look.” I fear that if there isn’t an alternative to the news crawls, views will find other news stations to look at. Or has it come true what Bunda predicted that we have become accustomed to it because nearly six years after this article was published, virtually every news station as a crawl.


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