Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Fox changing its colors?

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Fox changing its colors?

In the article “Fox news primes its self for a shift” it discussing the view of fox news channel on the incoming democrat president. Fox news channel during the reign of Bush has been cited in saying that they were biased and viewed the Republican opinion a lot more than the democrat. With that being said, with a new democrat liberal president on their hands how will they survive in the world of media? With the fox news channel competitors right on their heels will they will have to change their ways and “play nice in the sand box” with the democrats. In previous years the Bush administration gave fox prime information that was unavailable to other media but with this new president feel so inclined to? I doubt it. Fox has made their numbers by persuading the American people that they need to love the Republican Party because they are the ones who truly love America and if you didn’t agree with that idealism that you could “shut up” as the famous Bill O’Reilly. Will it really be possible for Fox to change its ways and become a real new channel that gives the news unbiased? Many years during the Bush administration the Fox news channels gave praise to Bush for acts in the war and for his policies. The even went as far as to having most Republicans on their shows over democrats. They manipulated the news into a way in which they only viewed the democrats as “flip-floppers” who was not able to be all on one accord. Now that the tables have changed how will they be able to tell the story without coming across as a channel dedicated to hating the president. Even being interviewed in the article they still cannot hid their views. “The philosophy of the new show is, how to eat an elephant, one bite a time,“ he said, in a reference to the giant problems the country faces. When it was observed that he cited a symbol of the G.O.P., he added, “I think we’ll do our eating and feasting on both of them — a little donkey and a little elephant.” What is to come for fox and the republican loving station? I guess we will have to wait and see.


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