Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: the lieutenant that changed his mind

Saturday, March 09, 2013

the lieutenant that changed his mind

Key points in the story

-Starts off with Peter being with a girl Sylvia,
-Peter had an old Girl Friend named Judy who joined the military.
-Peter and Judy broke up over her decision to join the military instead of staying home with her job selling hats.
-Peters favorite thing about Sylvia is she is nothing like Judy. (he is obviously not over Judy).
- Peter and Sylvia go to a parade where there female soldiers are marching and Sylvia makes fun of them. this strikes a note with Peter and he realizes he loves Judy still.
-Peter calls Judy and asked her to marry him.


This shows the typical gender roles of the time and how Peter did not want his girl to be in the military but instead wanted her at home doing what all other girls did during that time period. Peter wanted her to do a "women's job" refusing to let her join the military, causing her to stand up for herself and give him back his ring.

This shows the rising of women, how they wanted more rights and to fight, and be part of the military along with the men with their conservative ideas who tried to keep them down.

This article is interesting because at the end the men (Peter) realizes he loves Judy and is willing to accept her being lieutenant  I think that speaks volumes as it shows the women getting the rights and the guy. How the guys point of view changed and maybe if his can then everyones can.

This article seems to be written by a women, judging by the voice i would guess that due to the fact that peter does change his mind and there is a happily ever after where Judy gets both. it could be used as propaganda to get other women to stand up for themselves and join. If judy could do it and her guy could understand then other guys would too.


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