Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Who Want's to see the Dead?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Who Want's to see the Dead?

"We must pay attention to the privacy and to the sensitivity of the families of the fallen," Mr Duffy said. "And that's what the policy is based on and that has to be the utmost concern."
During war there are always casualities, some from civilians and others from soliders. But at the end of the day who wants to see this on the tv. I know the truth needs to be shed on the public, but who wants to see a dead American Solider on the news. But we love to see a fallen iraqi solider on the side of the road, while we see this also iraqi's and other supporters are seeing the same images. But it goes both ways when Al-jazeera shows images of dead American soliders, the feeling is mutual. At the end of the day fallen soliders regardless of side should not be shown as a part of propaganda. These are peoples lives and they deserve the respect as anyone else and should not be just a show. Each person is entitled to their own privacy and that privacy needs to be respected even after the person is dead.


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