Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Al -Jazeera What's the Deal?!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Al -Jazeera What's the Deal?!

" The biggest snag for Al-Jazeera International is securing distribution"(Pein,2005)

Al Jazeera is a statellite channel based in Qatar, a country whose population is less than many neighborhoods. The form of news that Al Jazeera shows is one that is extremly graphic and has become a network to be recon with. Other news organizations relay on Al Jazeera footage and reporting on violence that is taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan.Al Jazeera helps these other networks include horrific stories of what is going on in the arabic world. . Al Jazeera has become the main source of media for the arabic world ,but the question is are they misleading their own people??.......... Is these Arabic stations showing such negative images to compete with their competition???........Al Jazeera aims to break the language barrier by launching an english language Al Jazeera station set to air in March 2006.

The main difference between american news networks and Arabic networks is , U.S networks do not show killings and deaths on their newtwork they try to show the viewer what they feel they need to see and know.Which is the complete opposite of Al Jazeera.


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