Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: MY THOUGHTS ON AL-JAZEERA

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


"People are not going back to protect Saddam," "They are going back to defend their families because the Americans are killing them"- Saad al-Kabe,a young money changer

The above quote represents an interesting point of view about the feelings of the Iraqi people regarding the American military presence in their country. The quote comes from a New York Times article, written by Niel MacFarquhar. Th article entitled, "Arabic Stations Compete for Attention" describes the influence held by Al-Jazeera TV and other smaller , competing Arab news stations. The young man is reacting to images that he saw on Al-Jazeera involving American soldiers killing Iraqi people. The young man makes the argument that may people in Iraq do not hate the Americans because they are defending Saddam, but instead because the Americans are invaders who are killing many innocent people. Images such as these can be seen all the time on Al- Jazeera TV. Leading many people to believe that Al-Jazeera is sympathetic to the Saddam Regime and has led to much criticism. The article goes on to point out some of the networks techniques that have caused it to be viewed by many in America in such a negative light. I think that much of what Al-Jazeera delivers the public is what is actually going on. Though their may be some bias in only showing dead Iraqis and allowing people who criticize America to get more air time than those who don't, there are still touches of real, gritty, don't hold anything back, tell them whats really going on, hard edged journalism. Of course the United States and those symapthetic to the U.S cause in Iraq are going to look down on an Arab station who they feel is only telling half of the story. I must say that I believe that the true goal of Al-Jazeera is to cover the news from the perspective of the arab world, one who views America as an invader who is doing harm to its people. Whether the United States intentions are good or not has no bearing. If a burglar breaks into your home and hurts a member of your family, you are not going to view that burglar in a positive light. What if that burglar was merely breaking into your house to get money to feed his own family. That does not change the fact that he has done harm to those who you love. I your eyes he is still a threat and a criminal. That is how Al-Jazeera and its audiences may view the United States of America.


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