Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Shame on Al-Jazeera

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shame on Al-Jazeera

"There is a feeling in our newsroom that you need to be as realistic as possible and carry the images of the war and the effect that war has on people, " he says :If you are in a war, your population shouldn't just eat their dinner and watch sanitized images on TV and video games produces by the technological whizzes in the Pentagon and say, 'This is war' -Hafez Mirazi

Hafez Mirazi discuss why Al-Jezeera covers the war and why the will continue to show images and the reality of wartime. Marazi talks about the network receiving slack from both the U.S. and Iraqi regime. To government went through different measures to prevent or discourage the use of Al-Jezeera covering the war. The try to cut the funding, send signals across the news broadcast but yet this didn't deter Mirazi.


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