Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Think a Second.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Think a Second.....

"We hate Americans more than we hate Saddam now"

"In Cairo, some residents with long ties to the United States said that the bombing of civilians made them lose all hope that relations could return to normal"

"For every man they kill, there will be four or five people who want revenge"

(Washington Post, Sunday, March 30, 2003, By Emily Wax)
As an American I sometimes forget that I do not know and cannot figure out the "real" reason we are fighting this war. I believe that we all know that we are fighting for so called freedom of the people and yet if you looked up images and read the articles about this war, you would find nothing, but bombing of innocent people and homes and business destroyed. How is it that when certain people get involved, or places that seem to show what the "Real" war is about are not really mentioned?
In Emily Wax's article for Washington Post describes that many people who supported us in the beginning, now turning their back on the so called freedom of their people. She mentions al-Jazeera, and how they show the horrifying images of markets and innocent children being bombed and killed, yet we sit here and never believe that we are doing something wrong. If for any fact some of us do believe we are doing something wrong, why is it that only stations like al-Jazeera feel the need to show the war at its worst points. to show the negative, to show the humanizing effects that war has? How can we take the next step to figuring the real problems, and conclusions to the White House and Bush Administration.


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