Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: A Look Back At The Persian Gulf War

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Look Back At The Persian Gulf War

"American knows surprisingly what is taking place in the Persian Gulf. Because of the restrictions placed on the news media by the Pentagon, rarely have so many labored so hard to convey so little."

This is an exerpt from an article named "No News Is No News" during the time of the Persian Gulf War. This quote exlains how Americans were not informed about the events that had taken place during the war. But this article allows me to realize that restrictions were not only aimed toward the media during that time. it is still going on today as well. Even though there are different presidents and different people who are in charge, the rules have remained the same and the approach has remained the same as well.

"Viewers watch the high drama of journalists donning gas masks and hurrying bomb shelters, and CNN reporters ducking under desks to thousand of explosions nearby. Although the news gathering process has been short-circuited, and viewers have been treated to raw, unprocessed rumor as a result."

This is the same way news is delievered to viewers today. this article opens the eyes of an American for them to know that America will never change. They are not concerned with their citizens and care less about what is really important. many fact have been exaaggerated and the correct information was not exposed during the Persian Gulf War. And this is the same way things are happening today with the war with Iraq. What i have came to realize is that we are re-living history, and the pattern continues over the years.

Another quote form the article states that......
Debroah Amos of National Public Radio has remarked, "What we are seeing is too much of the war, and what we are not seeing is the context of the war."

This is the same way it is today in 2008 with Iraq War and many people need to realize that this approach has been happening for way too long.


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