Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Bush's Power Over The Media

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bush's Power Over The Media

When war between Iraq and America was on the horizon, it was in the best interests that Bush did whatever he could to justify his decision of going to war. But he went so far as to allow only certain people be able to ask him the questions because he knew that they would do a better job at making him and the rest of his staff look good. Thats cheating in my opinion. Why couldn't he just take all the questions normally, he can't take the critizism? He also knew that it was not on the minds of all Americans to go into this war, he was not completely backed by his country. The questions of why are we going to war, and is this about oil or it this about terrorism were ovious questionable reasons, but who knew what his real intensions are and were. Confusion was wide spread among the minds of Americans and his presidency hanged in the balance of his decisions and he did what he thought would sit best with his nationg, declare it a war on terror and to prevent arms of mass destruction from coing into play.This was Bush's moment to get everyone on his side in whichhe succeeded in because after 9/11 our country for the most part was in avor of some redemption for the lives that were taken as well as the slaughtetthat had been placed on our soil. My ony problem with this situation of choosing who will question him is that it seems unfair and cowardous to appoint who has the right to questiona nd not it almost seems lke he was trying to fray way from any type ofthings that may cause him harm, but if your good enough president should'nt you be able to steer yur way to the right conclusion and be abe to take anything that comes your way. As Rosensteil put it, " There are inherent limits on how aggressive you can be to the president of the United States on the brink of war in the prime time when good questions are asked but not answered."


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