Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Bush has media walking............

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bush has media walking............

"How to balance it's obligations to hold President Bush accountable while respecting the challenges he faces at a critical time in history."
(Bush has media walking a fine line, by Peter Johnson, 3/9/2003

All this article is about is how the journalist really cannot have the freedoms that they think they have as a reporter. They must respect and know that their are rules to being a "good" journalist. Somehow the article and the class has allowed me and I hope others to see that media and propaganda is not a bad thing, but something to keep your eyes open too. We must learn and cut apart everything we see and hear in the news and readings we take in each day. Johnson speaks about how the President answers questions about the war and how the war really contradicts putting anything stated by the president in jeopardy.


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