Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: America's Interest is not too much at heart

Sunday, May 11, 2008

America's Interest is not too much at heart

"There is intense pressure to win the story and be No. 1 with it. the feeling is, if we can't dominate during a time like this, when can we?"

From reading this article, one can see that the media is only concerned with themselves. Their increase in their ratings and the money that is made from the news is the most important concern for them. The article also emphasizes the importance of reporting at the place of the event. When reporters do this, it displays more competition between the other news stations. For example, in the article it says "And in this warm, it is not the well-known CNN war correspondent, Christine Amanpour, now reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan, who is getting all of the gossipy media attention, but Ashleigh Banfield of MSNBC, also stationed there." This quote displays the interest in only the company. They are not deciding what is the most important details for the public and what they are entitled to be informed about.

This article has only opened my eyes even more to the propaganda that is planted within these news stations. I have realized that their political views are not only the important characteristics to consider. when choosing a news station one has to be more observant about the news delivery and quality of the news as well.


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