Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Fox News or Fox Opinions??

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fox News or Fox Opinions??

"Ever since the terrorists attacks on Sept 11, the network has become a sort of headquarters for viewers who want their news served up with extra patriotic fervor. In the process, Fox had pushed television news where it has never gone before: to unabashed and vehement support of a war effort, carried in tough-guy declarations often expressing thirst for revenge."

This article discusses how fox news is knows for their flip flopping ways. for example, fox news used to be known for being politically conservative. but has changed since September 11th. they have encouraged correspondents and writers to tap into their anger and let it "play out". Then to add fire to fury Geraldo Rivera who was a fox war correspondent in Afghanistan said he would consider killing Osama Bin Laden himself is he came across him."

Now that is very ridiculous for a reporter to even say that on television. Not only is this on television for the entire public to hear, but it influences everyones thoughts and how they feel about the war as well. This article emphasizes how bias fox news is and how they impose their opinions on the public. they seem to always switch their opinions around and their news are always based on the way they feel. it is not fact based events that is covered, it is mostly the views of the reporters that they consider to be "news". They force these views on the all America regardless of race, color, religion, ethnicity, and nationality


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