Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Mixed feelings with U.S. In Iraq

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mixed feelings with U.S. In Iraq

There are mixed feelings about the U.S. going to Iraq to help for liberation. With the death of around 58 Iraq civilians in a Baghdad market Arab media is angered and blame it on a stray U.S. missile, whether or not the deaths were caused by an Iraq boom or a U.S. missile, this event stirred up a lot of angry media towards the U.S.. "Yet another massacre by the coalition of invaders...," (Images of Destruction Inflict Setback for U.S. Propaganda War, by Michael Dobbs and Mike Allen).

Despite the tension their are some Iraqis that helped the U.S. tear down Hussein's portrait in Safwan. Many Iraqis were happy that the U.S. came, with one Iraqi civilian saying "Iraq wants to be free," ( Images of Destruction Inflict Setback for U.S. Propaganda War, by Micheal Dobbs and Mike Allen). When U.S. troops arrived in Iraq, Iraqis greeted them with smiles, but within the week, Iraqis were shouting against U.S. troops.

""News accounts today paint a vivid picture of joy and relief inside Iraq," announced the Global Messenger, an internal White House publication designed to coordinate its media message, on the third day of the war, "American and coalition troops are being welcomed by smiling Iraqis.","... "But by the seventh day, networks were carrying pictures of dozens of Iraqis surrounding the first humanitarian aid trucks to reach Safwan. Instead of greeting the U.S. troops as liberators, they were shouting anti-American slogans," (Images of Destruction Inflict Setback for U.S. Propaganda War, by Michael Dobbs and Mike Allen).

It is clear to see some Iraqis support the U.S. and some do not. The Arab media does a good job of creating additional tension between Iraq and the U.S.. This in a way sets back the U.S.'s involvement in Iraq having the U.S. to work harder explaining themselves and getting better reviews. Though whatever the conflicts are with the U.S. and Iraq involving the war, the U.S. was/has been sent to Iraq on a mission, though their will be the consequences of damage and deaths to U.S. soldiers, Iraqi soldiers and civilians, whether it be accidental or commanded on by either side. And though it is upsetting and devastating to read or see, people have to realize that anything could happen when in war or on the battle field.


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