Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: "The Monopoly is a Memory"

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"The Monopoly is a Memory"

Each broadcast station is attempting to get their station heard around the world. It is currently a competition between stations of who can have the most coverage and distribution. The problem is how expensive it is to have global coverage. The running French President Jacques Chirac wanted to join the scene of global distribution but was unable to because of the cost.

"For leaders looking to get their message across in the U.S., CNN has
competition as well. Al Jazeera and Middle East Broadcasting, which is financed
by Saudi business leader Sheik Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, are seen in the
U.S. via satellite. Al Jazeera is exploring becoming even more accessible by
adding an English-language voice-over audio option, with hopes for a full-blown
English language channel later next year."

Al Jazeera is a growing station in the Middle East. This station is attempting to broadcast honest unbiased news to its people. Al Jazeera is looking to make their news available to a worldwide audience. This is competition for CNN who is looking to be the media conglomerate of news.


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