Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Bush Puts Media In Place

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bush Puts Media In Place

To handle the intense questioning and hounding of the press during wartime his administration is setting strict rules. "First all reporters are summoned to the news room in pairs, followed by the President calling on reporters from a predetermined list assembled by the White House press secretary...".(Johnson) According to the article these tactics are supposed to be used to help intimidate and limit certain questions that can not be answered. Ultimately though, Pres. Bush is mishandling the situation by not letting these reporters due their job. It is as if he is undermining them professionally and they should be insulted by this treatment. Exspecially when the news in Washington about the press corps is that they "looked like lap dogs." (Johnson) In no way can I see a positive outcome for the Bush administration on this subject. It calls on favortism towards some reporters and news networks and as was said before these people also have a job to do. By underming the press you are also undermining the public because they have a right to no what their sons, daughter, brothers, and sisters are doing in Iraq. Some news should be confidential but all news should not be.


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