Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Is You Tube the new penny press

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Is You Tube the new penny press

Back even before Guttenberg invented moveable type reading was only for the rich people. They were the only ones that could afford and have the leisure time to read. So, the first newspapers were designed for them. Then printing became easier and so the newspapers and books became cheaper, so everyone learned how to read. My originals point is that youtube has made broadcasting easier for us poor people to the point we can make up our own channels. People on you tube have been posting their favorite tv shows and music videos under theri name. Some have even startyed making their own fan films to put on you tube. heck even hollywood is starting to get into the idea of you tube. NBC is putting most of their shows free to watch on the web and bands like linkin park is promoting on you tube. What we have here is an instrument that reaches out and touches most of the young people on the web. If I had to promote something I would put it on you tube like John Edwards did. His makeup spoof got more young people to know his name than any other form of media would. Since they know him they will probably look him up when it came to vote.


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