Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Al Jazeera's Effect

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Al Jazeera's Effect

"If I want my blood pressure to go up, I watch Al Jazeera. They always insert their point of view."

Al Jazeera's point of view is considered to be completely anti-American and solely based on the need of Baghdad's propaganda. Anyone that opposed of spoke of anything other than Al Jazeera's major issues (civilian casualties and not placing any blame on Mr. Hussein), was cut off during broadcasting or edited out of the program. This network has continued to affect the public opinion. They are the most graphic network and many people turn to them. With a direct effect on the public's emotions Al Jazeera continues to focus on all their issues on civilians and the fact that "Americans are hurling bombs against Iraq." Why is it such this such an issue? I feel that if the Fox news network can focus on republican views and issues addressed by the bush administration, every other network should have the right to side with any political party they'd like, including Al Jazeera's. If the public is being shaped by their message this just means they have successfully done their job in selling propaganda and persuading the minds of the public. Today networks still compete to have the same success. I think we forget that these broadcasting networks are still businesses/corporations and their major goal is to make money.


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