Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: "Beat the Press"

Monday, May 07, 2007

"Beat the Press"

It doesn't seem as if it is written down somewhere that the White House has a blacklist but there are definitely people that aren't called for a while if the wrong thing is said or written about the Bush Administration.
"I don't know of there's a physical blacklist-I'm sure they wouldn't be stupid
enough to actually put it down in an e mail," "says one White House
correspondent (who like almost everyone spoken to for this article, refused to
be quoted by name.) "But there seems to be a system within the White House of
retribution. Basically, if you write something negative its like at the
communication meeting with Bush senior advisor Karen Hughes the message goes out that so and so's on the blacklist -- in some cases for that day, in some cases
for that week."
According to this article the Bush administration feels that they can sensor what is released to the public because it is wartime. It is supposedly unpatriotic to ask tough questions or tell negative stories. For example the Posts journalist Thomas Ricks was excluded from a trip that other American journalist were able to cover a special forces operation. When Ricks asked why he was told that they didn't like his stories or his questions. Therefore to a certain degree the White does pick and choose which press they want to cover political information.


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