Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: "War's Hidden Cost" by By John H. Cushman Jr.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"War's Hidden Cost" by By John H. Cushman Jr.

This article is basically saying, that during war, many innocent people die. Also, many times we never know the correct number. The Doctor Without Borders said 80 died and 50 wounded had been taken out of the area, including women and children. Also, many were left behind. This is just tragic. "A SENIOR officer in Tampa, where Central Command directs the war said, could only speculate that terrorist leaders had brought their families to their mountain redoubt, or that the local villagers had chosen to live next to the target." It shows that there is no concern for these innocent peoples’ deaths. They just attack wherever they think their target is. I think this goes back to the question of war in general. War always kills many innocent lives, so why engage ourselves in war? The only result is destruction of countries and people. Many times the outcome isn't very admirable.


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