Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: The Gung- Ho Morning Gang

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Gung- Ho Morning Gang

"You want nuancee and ambiguity? Go watch CNN. You want subtlety? Well, there's always NPR or Matt 'n' Katie and Diane 'n' Zcharlie. But if you're after take-no-prisoners opinions and a lusty confidense in the American military effort, the early-morning "Fox & Friends" is your eye- opener."

The Gung-Ho Morning Gang
Cable's 'Fox & Friends' Prides Itself on Patriotic Patter
By Paul Farhi

I know that every news channel is unique in its own way or else there wouldnt be a need for all the different channels, but to see how they all differ on the same topic really explains it. The news channels clearly have their own opinion on war and based on how they air a story it is easy to determine their view. I thought that it wasnt allowed to state your view? I know they dont make it personal, but based on the article by Farhi, it was easy to identify what channel one should watch based on their views or opinions.


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