Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Bomb Remnants Increase War's Toll

Monday, April 30, 2007

Bomb Remnants Increase War's Toll

In regards to the topic that we are discussing in class, it reminds me of the video that was seen a couple weeks ago when soldiers came to talk about their experience in the war. I think it is sad how people are fighting a war with no purpose. Soldiers are sent to fight with one thing being said to the such as the benefits but when they arrive they experience something totally different. Soldiers are sent over with intentions of getting back to their families in one piece. Instead some leave with a missing leg, arm, etc. Inncocent people are killed and they have to live life knowing that they took a life of another. In the article "Bomb Remnants Increase War's Toll," it starts off by mention the death and injuries of teenagers because of they picked up a undetonated remnants of a bomb. Death during war time is uncontrollable. Its crazy how war can be defined as a good thing because they are helping out another country, when all it does is destroy the lives of those fighting the war and the innocent people in their path.


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