Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Triumph of the Wilth

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Triumph of the Wilth

This video was interesting because it displayed images of a happiness, and showing pride in one's country. It showed shots of parents and children sitting in the front seat, and the flags were set in a new directions symbolizing going in a "new motion." The Nazi's portrayed themselves as a unified country. Their night time events were a huge part of Nazi organization,labor, and youth which were all institutionalized. Bonfires were a traditional thing for which symbolized power. While in 1934 there was the Great Depression in the Unites States, Nazi's were offering work and unemployment. To show the masculinity and racial pride, they displayed men working together superiorly, and strong bodies. They were working together pulling towards for a new future for Germany. Associate the party with food, and if you had no job you can still have food. Mass singing, marching together, talking together, By doing these things pyschologically, bring minds together to unite. They showed their traditional dressing. Theory of montage, taking pictures of womens' faces, and cutting out Hitler associates montage of smiling women. Hitler was smiling about the future leaders of the the next generation.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Triumph of the Will was an attempt to manufacture a positive image of Nazism around the world. The images of movement and synchonized motion conveyed dynamism and national unity to a world coping with the political disorder of the Great Depression. Fortunately this film was not very convincing to Americans.

4/11/2007 10:14 PM  

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