Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: War's Hidden cost

Thursday, May 04, 2006

War's Hidden cost

This article is written by John H. Cushman Jr. it is an article that jumps at a person among the rest. We all know about wars hidden cost. It’s the poor civilian casualties. Every time we go to war thousands and thousands of people, die. Innocent people who have nothing to do with these wars die. Cushman says that sometimes we don't even know how many people have died. Do these people not matter? We get pissed or sad every time one of our soldiers dies. What about the innocent people who die every day from the bullets and the bombs. Why aren’t there pictures of them all over our TVs? Our gov't gets pissed off at Al Jazeera for showing horrible images of dead bodies lying in the street. I’m not saying that they are good by any means but they do show the horrors of war. We as Americans only seem to care about our troops but what about the Iraqi people who are also dying every single day along with our brothers and Sisters?


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