Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: spinning the wheels

Thursday, May 04, 2006

spinning the wheels

it's interesting to notice the subtle change in wording for the enemy over the years without foundamental alteration in nature. In order to reveal both the new characteristics of the special war condition and the White House successive governor's strategy, propagandists rack hard their brains to devise new terms that are suitable for the specific government. But if you put all wars on a straight line and look them through, basic strategies haven't changed at all.
when the era comes that seems to be the "end of ideology", war is sheerly materilized. so-called democracy, liberty and freedom are mere camouflage . national economic interests are the hidden but real drive for the war. people hate the war but at the same time are afraid of "terrorism" termed by the government, however, no matter what, the true victims of every war are the majority of the innocent.
what do we believe in contemporary world? God or our strong military force? do we have a standpoint to keep balance no matter what happens in our life? when war becomes the pop culture and top agenda of our daily life, we are facing the most serious belief crisis in modern society. war makes us just like the clowns in the circus spinning on the wheels, dizzy...


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