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Thursday, May 04, 2006

9/11 Government Conspiracy Film

There is a film circulating the internet claiming that the government was responsible for the attacks on 9/11. The video claims that bombs were placed in the Twin Towers days before the attacks and set off to knock the buildings down demolition style because simply the jets crashing into the buildings would not be enough to bring them down. How valid is this video? Is it propaganda for the extreme left?
From watching the video, I believe it is possible and almost probable that the government - and I say government instead of the Bush Administration because I associate "Bush Administration" with "incompetence" and a conspiracy such as this leaves no room for incompetence - did plan 9/11.
However, buying into this theory - that many are buying into because of an hour and twenty minute film -would be buying into propaganda. I'm trying to look at the bigger picture instead of thinking in circles about conspiracy theories - however valid a case they may make.
The capitalist society that is the United States is a system that keeps the ruling class in charge and the worker bees working. It is the society that Americans know and are comfortable in. If the government planned out and executed 9/11 in order to go to war or create a "New World Order," what can the general public do about it? Protest? Hundreds of thousands of Americans protested invading Iraq before the war started and all that was accomplished was 45 seconds of coverage on nightly network news programs. If those in power want to do something, they are able to do it despite public opinion by manipulating the case as in the Spanish-American War and Vietnam and the First Gulf War.
I don't know if the government planned 9/11. Nobody knows if the government planned 9/11. Journalists can do all the investigation possible, but there will never be a clear answer until it doesn't matter anymore. To be honest, how much does it matter now? Would it get the U.S. out of Iraq? Would it stop Iran from making nuclear weapons? Would it end our society's dependence on oil from the Middle-East? I believe the answer to all questions would be "no."
Everything in the video may be true, but expert propagandists work with truths. Conservative think tanks would be more than able to refute every point made in the video - and have already begun doing so - and any argument made against the government would be muddled into credibility issues and smoking guns.
I'm not saying that there is nothing the general public can do to change things, but the system in place would require drastic sociological change. For example, if Americans really don't want to be in the Middle East, Americans need to stop using oil. It's possible, but very difficult and life-altering.
A teenager may view the film and get angry and start spreading the message that the film delivers. However, that teenager will get a job and will need gas for his or her car to get to work. That teenager will go to college and have to worry about paying for it. That teenager will meet a girl or boy and fall in love and get married. That teenager will have children. If the government planned out 9/11, that teenager will still grow up to be a worker bee keeping the system together.


Blogger Hezellig said...

Wow. You have a very bleak view of society. You need to cheer up. Let's talk about a few things. First, I think you are correct in surmising that G.W. is not a criminal mastermind. If you watch the video of the President when he was told about the twin towers, he is clearly shocked (and possibly frightened). He may have known something was going to happen, but he sure didn't know that was going to happen.

Now, let's address this little comment about capitalism keeping the "ruling class" in power. Capitalism is the only social structure in history that has ever allowed for social mobility. The rich don't keep the poor down, a lack of inspiration and personal responsibility keeps the poor down. Only one out of nine millionaires in this country come from inherited wealth. That means 90% of millionaires in this country are self-made. They have worked hard and reaped the rewards. They have refused to be held down by the socialist propaganda that you have obviously fallen victim to. Our whole wonderful society was developed on the free trade of goods and services. Most of those who are wealthy have become so because they had the drive to grab hold of opportunities that others were to lazy to take.

Now, does becoming wealthy set one into the "powerful" class? Absolutely not. Because money does not equal power. Power is ordained by the people, whether they mean to do it or not. Passively accepting the status quo because you have given up on the possibility of change is the same thing as giving power to those who are not looking out for your best interests. Bill Gates does not make policy in America. In fact that communist Bill Clinton tried to take him down, remember that? The head of Coca-Cola doesn't make policy in America, our votes and our voices do. The men who rule us are still only men. Those who seek truth will find truth, those who lay in filth will find filth. If you have resigned yourself to being a "worker bee" then that is all you will ever be; however, I hope the rest of the people in this class will use their time looking for solutions rather than wallowing in self-pity.

Finally, if you think that only Americans are behind the New World Order, you need to do some research. Start with the World Bank and see what you dig up. There are some sinister a-holes out there who would love to subjugate us all and We The People are the only ones who can stop them.

5/04/2006 11:47 AM  
Blogger S.Block said...

I don't think I can argue with you. I don't think that you're arguing with me, either. I don't think there is a New World Order; nor do I think Bill Clinton was a Communist. Besides that, I don't really know what to say. I can argue that I don't have a bleak outlook on society, but that would be fruitless. Actually, by you saying that the poor have no inspiration and a lack of personal responsibility is pretty bleak.
What I am arguing against is a film making a case for the U.S. government orchestrating 9/11. My point is that a large number of young adults are watching the film, getting angry, doing their own research, and trying to spread the message the film is trying to get across. I think that the case this film makes can never be proved and there are more relevant issues that these kids can be proactive about.
Perhaps my metaphor about "working bees" was incorrect. My bad!

5/05/2006 11:57 PM  
Blogger Hezellig said...

You see, there is this trend in the media to perpetuate the Brave New World image of the future. Class warfare is being waged almost constantly by the elitist intellectuals and we are falling for it. In the past, the thing that seperated this nation from others was the ability to pull one's self up out of the dirt and make something. I believe that sort of attitude is being discouraged if not beaten out of us by the media. And I don't just mean "news", I mean TV and music and government education and all the mass influences we are surrounded with everyday. I don't have a bleak view of the future, just the present. The constant attack on Capitalism is destroying this nation by destroying the minds of its citizens. The poor (of which I am one most of the time) need to know that it is their problem. That a government who says they can take care of them is a lie. Whether the government is conspiring to hold people down is irrelevent if we sit by and let it happen.

I understand what you were saying in your original post. And I agree. Except I don't think the kids you are speaking of are doing a lot of research. I think they are believing what they hear. I know I did when I was younger. Look at the Argentinian youth who go around wearing Che Guevara T-shirts. We can argue about Bill Clinton but Che was definately a commiunist. But he was made into a martyr and now a poorly educated youth just go along with it. I don't think capitalism has survived because it is comfortable, I think it has survived because it works. We CAN protest and change things but I don't think the poeple know enough to decide what to protest. Is that an accident?

5/06/2006 10:56 AM  

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