Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Feet to the Fire: Thomas Curley

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Feet to the Fire: Thomas Curley

Thomas Curley

Thomas Curley is President and CEO of a major news company responsible for providing millions of people with up to date news stories and up to the minute coverage of action. Curley is very committed to the issues he wasn’t to discuss and very aggressive on what he perceive to be the most controversial issues.

Curley works for The Associated Press- a source of news that is worthy of both praise and hatred in the eyes f viewers-depending on the day, hour, or even minute ii is consumed. It is often criticized for doing its job-putting out the story as soon as it happens. Curley explains that this is a very difficult and stressful task. It is information that is easy to get wrong. And example that Curley sits is the Jessica Lynch story. When news on this story first came out it was said that she was captured by Iraqi’s and saved by the US Special Forces. She was supposedly found with wounds from being stabbed and shot and it was said she was beaten and interrogated in the Iraqi hospital. This story was not only just a little false, it was almost completely false. Yes a girl named Jessica Lynch was captured; however, she had no wounds whatsoever and says she was treated quite nicely at the Iraqi hospital.

Curley is very dedicated to his journalism. When traveling in 2003, he noticed that there seemed to be a reluctance to go after information as aggressively as before. Perhaps this was because of case like the Jessica Lynch scenario. Or maybe it was due to the aftermath of September 11th almost two years ago. He states that with the attacks and their being so much unknown about what was happening before after and even during, the press stepped back a bit.

Curley speaks out a bit against Fox-in its defense. He says that he thinks that Fox is an important voice because they present a right-wing point of view. He discusses the diversity of voices, and how Fox is a great news source because it's part of that.

Curley also discusses People and the media. When asked about his thoughts on whether or not people trusted the press he said that he thought people did-just as the trust their doctor, or a local magazine. He says that his belief is that people have a high satisfaction with the media and the reason why they protest against I sometimes is because it hits close to home. Take for instance the pictures of the coffins of US soldiers killed in Iraqi coming into Dover. Pictures of this created controversy, but Curley says that it would not have been right to deny people the pictures. He says the people viewing it deserve the coverage, as well as those who are in the coffins draped under American Flags. People object to news such as this because they feel these things should be private grieving and don’t want their family members, family, etc, exploited.

Curley says he believes there is a study out saying that the closer someone is to a story, the more likely they are to trust it. The further away, the more difficult to understand. However, he feels the story can be told in a way that it can be illustrated and really hit home-no matter how far away you are from it.


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