Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: The Brownie's Book

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Brownie's Book

The Brownie's Book

Background Info
The Brownies Book purpose was to make black children realize that being colored was a normal and beautiful thing and to make them become familiar with the history and achievements of their race. The NAACP created the magazine to educate black children.

"America For All" - Mildred Adele Barfield
In the prize winning essay "America For All" by Mildred Adele Barfield she attended Younge Street School in Atlanta, GA. Mildred writes about to male friends Sam who is white and Billy Boy who is black. The boys attend a meeting where a recruiter from the army successfully convinces the young boys to join the army.

"Uncle Sam don't keer wheter you is white ner black ner blue ner brown" (195)
-This was said by white boy Sam who was telling his black friend Billy Boy that the army isnt prejudice. The army just want healthy strong men who can fight.

"The army is a swell place"
- The Army Recruiter convinces the boys that the army is a great place. The Recruiters are the propaganda who are selling the young boys the idea that the army offers great opportunities but never mentions the dangers about being in the army. 

My Thoughts
At first I thought this was about the two boys joining the army. However, WWI ended in 1918 and the essay was published in 1920. So this could not have been wartime propaganda. I concluded that this essay was about Civil Rights because if blacks were allowed to join the army it would be difficult for whites to justify segregation.



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