Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: "Vogue's Eye View"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Vogue's Eye View"

Vogue Magazine was published in 1892 by Arthur B. Turnure. For years Vogue's consumer population was very low. However, things changed during WWII, because ads placed in newspapers and magazines, such as Vogue were needed to support the war and to change the lifestyles of women from every area in America.

Vogue being well known by upper-class women, for their elite taste on fashion and lifestyle in order to create that Vogue woman; WWII was a great opportune time to spread their knowledge of media propaganda to upper-class women to support the war, take care of home, and look good while doing it!

In the article entitled "Vogue's Eye View Of A Woman's Weapons", really showed the lifestyles of how women should live during the war. What I liked about the article was that the Vogue's ideal woman had weapons of her own at the time.

"I am a woman, and I have two major weapons. I have my hands. I have my heart." ( Condenast Publications, Vogue 1942)

With these two weapons she could do it all, cook, clean, fix a car, take out the garbage, and be a good wife, while her husband was at war. This article also showed a sense of equality towards women because, their role of being a stay at home mom had changed. Vogue's ideal woman took on the manly duties because no one else could.

This article was issued to utilize media propaganda to have the Vogue woman support the war and to mold them into a new lifestyle of independence.


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