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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Parent's Magazine

"What Did You Do Today For Freedom?"
".....In War Children Are More Than Ever Important!"
-from a report on the effects of War on British Advertising Issued by Lord and Thomas

This article is another "sales-marketing" tactic. During war time, one of the most concerning aspect of a society is its children or the young generation. The advertisement agency understood this aspect more clearly then anyone else. The article reads:
"Parents Magazine is read exclusively by the best customers of most advertisers - families with children - a waste-free, clearly defined market of 625,000 homes."

It goes on to say "and now more than ever before the needs of the children in these homes come first!" - clearly showing that whatever advertising placed into these "Parent's Magazine" will not go in waste, for it is distributed widely across the nation, especially in holds with children.
At first this article or advertisement may appear normal, but if you pay close attention to its motives, it is quiet scary the advertisement agency left no channel untouched through which they hammered the citizens. The article reads a logo "THE MOST WAR-PROOF ADVERTISING MEDIUM." - meaning that other magazines or articles might end up in the hands of a particular person, for example any business sections might only attract the businessmen, but this magazine is a package in which it is guaranteed to effect the minds of the entire family. It will prove to be a thought-provoking magazine for the parents, it will raise concern of the war, and the future of their children.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good discussion.

This adverstisement for Parents Magazine is an example of the sophistication of the publishing and advertising industry of the era. This magazine is marketing itself to advertisers as a "war-proof" agent of influence at a time when consumers were distracted by all of the news and anxieties of wartime. Even with the distractions of war, American parents will still put their children first, in fact the fearful nature of the era might actually arouse parents natural concerns with their progeny.

The simple point of this document is that the media must understand that war changes the conditions of advertising and the demand for media content must change to reflect this new reality.

You can't have a prosperous market society without advertisements creating demand for products. It is easy to demonize the advertising industry from a progressive political or moral perspective that criticizes the excesses of our consumer society, but for better or worse selling is a necessary part of our modern world.

During wartime the advertising industry serves a double purpose of selling the war, americanism, and toothpaste. Is that wrong? --Only if you can reject war and capitalism.

3/18/2009 1:47 PM  

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