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Thursday, March 12, 2009

King Consumer

In Ewen's PR!, Public Ultimatums describes the renewed found confidence in American Business . There was a sense of cautious optimism, similar to the First World War; there was a significant amount using the propaganda campaign with writers, broadcasters, moviemakers, publicists and other media experts. During the postwar era businesses wanted to wake the American people. They addressed people by using wartime advertising. They needed to gain the loyalty of workers was very important in Big businesses while regaining the control and direction of American society. Without a doubt the strength of America’s corporate economy in the late forties created welfare capitalist programs health care privately. There was an attack on the New Deals principals America experienced an economic explosion which supported big business and have the ability to provide meaningful business opportunity and government funded programs. The shift was evident in the forties, private builders and real estate interest crafted a big PR campaign against federally sponsored housing programs. During the post war period great change had taken place class conflict had become out dated.

“People in “moderate income families” the magazine tooted, had radios; electric sewing machines; refrigerators; vacuum cleaners; automobiles; insurance; medical, dental, surgical, and hospital care; and so forth….it is perfectly evident from the above list, that it is not the capitalist who are using the people, but the people who are using the capitalists.” (p. 372 PR!)

Corporations focused on financial gains, “American consumers had become kings and queens and corporations, their humble servants.” (p.372 PR!)


Blogger A. Mattson said...

During WWII American business did not have very many actual products to sell because the factories were turning out tanks and guns and everything else needed to defeat Fascism. But advertising continued to sell, not only products you could buy after the war, but a vision of America and a world of consumer plenty that we were all fighting for together. That vision of consumer plenty also sold America and American business to the public at the same time.

3/18/2009 2:00 PM  

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