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Thursday, March 12, 2009

After Hours

After Hours Ipana and Massage

War time was advertised by many different types of commercial products. In this advertisement the Ipana toothpaste was advertising women to come out and be on the work field so that men could fight for the nation. Also it made a bigger advertisement to buy more war bonds. On the actual picture they used women working in every possible job opening there was for women at the time. Marketing toothpaste was just a small advertisement that was one of the easiest to sell the war to the nation.

Ipana was very popular toothpaste and it had great broadcasting ticket on the radio so with that the war would also be advertised. They used this strong toothpaste to show that it was a time of war and they needed strong women as well. Women were needed at this time and getting women to actually participate in the war would be very beneficial to the men. More men would be taking part in the war leaving women behind to pick up the slack in the work field.
This add showed that women were taking over and it showed all the different offerings that they had like being a nurse, a factory worker and even working in the science field. Getting women to actually agree was a way for them to go back to their husbands and talk them in to the war. It was a way of telling them to get out there and join the war this way everything would still be okay when they came back.

Having Ipana was one of the best ways for advertising because with this they could imply that women’s strength and determination was needed. They set it up to show that having a beautiful woman could even help out more than you would actually think. That’s why they fixed up the advertisement this way. This was a time of need for women and what better way to do it then having a popular commercial.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Always start with a clear description of the material you are discussing. So, in this case your post should begin with a brief description of the advertisement(or a scan, or a similar image from the web if possible.) Then you can proceed with your analysis.

Advertising sold the product and the war at the same time. Ads addressed to women focussed on the mobilization of women for war work in addition to the selling of war bonds. We can see that the images of women in these ads represented a new ideal of femininity that emphasized strength and determination as well as beauty. The images were changing to reflect the new reality of woman's life in war work. This transformation was a partnership of the advertising industry and the OWI which suggested themes that would support the war effort for inclusion in advertising material.

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