Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: "Triump of the Will"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Triump of the Will"

"Triumph of the Will."
An Extraordinarily directed movie!

The movie that we watched in class "Triumph of the Will," deserves a brief analysis, for evey second of the movie consisted of a large message not only for the Germans, but for the entire world. The movie starts with Hitler on a plane flying up in the sky, this symbolized how Adolf Hitler was coming down from the heavens to save Nuremberg and the entire nation of Germany.

Later in the movie, the most emotional and thought provoking scenes were the speeches given by prominent leaders, including Hitler. After viewing the whole movie and the speeches given by the leaders and watching the young men of Germany standing firm to the words of Hitler, it brings back the question of "Did Hitler really brain-wash the Germans?" - Many reply "that Hitler in fact led a campaign in which he brainwashed the entire German public, and that he somehow just hypnotized the entire nation, and made them into some sort of robots who blindly followed him."

The entire above answer, completely underestimates Hitler's campaign and it diminishes the complexity of the whole tactic. For Hitler did not brainwash the Germans, and the movie itself shows that: Throughout the movie all Hitler did was give speeches and speeches, that provoked almost even young men and women. He laid out the entire plan in his speeches for Germany and the German people. There was no hypnotizing nor any sort of brainwashing in which through which he acquired the consent of the Germans.

Therefore, the movie is a great propaganda that the Nazi party used. However, the movie indirectly shows how each and every German was also part of this campaign. They knew what they were going into. The cheers and screaming of the German people after very sentence that Hitler uttered, gave evidence to the very fact, that ALL GERMANS were ready to move forth with the Nazi Party.

In conclusion, the movie leaves no aspect untouched, for it was inundated with patriotic speeches and symbolism - that promised each and every German, a bright and prosperous future!


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A very good post, thoughtful and well-written.

"Triumph of the Will" is indeed a classic propaganda film and well worth much discussion.

While Hitler was a powerful, charismatic speaker, I don't think that the speeches are the most important part of the film. What strikes me is the role of mass organization portayed in endless lines of marching, syncrhonized movements and voices.

If we put aside the power of the film as a film (shot selection, camera movement, editing, mise en scene, etc.) and the rhetorical power of the speeches, then we are left with the portrayal of Nazi society as a totalitarian, all embracing world in which there was a place for everyone in some type of nazi group or association. Everyone marched together, sang together, ate together, etc.

3/19/2009 6:17 PM  

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