Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Arab Outrage

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Arab Outrage

"For every man they kill, there will be four or five people who want revenge for this person's life. They can't just kill people and have it be forgotten," Ali Sabry

This would be the feeling that swept across most Arabs at the beginning of the American Iraqi war. Thats how it is though, beginning of wars are always the most chaotic and thats when most citizens become casualties of war, especially with the guerrilla warfare. But as time has passed, and when the United States has established themselves within the country of Iraq, less and less people have become casualties of war. Also with us establishing a bit of control within the country, more and more supporters of the American cause have come forth. This feeling of revenge and hostility towards the Americans has also died down. During the beginning of the war, the media ignited strong hostility on both sides of the fight, for example:

"The popular al-Jazeera satellite television network broadcast the funerals of those killed at the market. It repeatedly showed pictures of severed body parts and wounded toddlers bandaged and crying in hospital beds"

The United States media does not show the gruesome affects of what happens during the war, we keep most of the population at bay with what harm that is being caused across the continents. That would be the one thing that the Al-Jazeera has on us, they show the truth where as the U.S. media sugar coats everything. If we decided to actually show the affects of war, would the opinions of our nation sway to different sides, no one will know because that is how our nation runs. The government only likes to let us know things when they think we need to know, they must always be in control. Which could be a downfall of trust to our own government.


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