Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Is Fox a Bad Network??

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is Fox a Bad Network??

In an article writen by E.J .Dionne Jr. it is believed that the Fox network is protraying the war negatively to their viewers.

"News Reports are making the situation in Iraq seem worse than it really is.( Dionne,washington,oct,2003) ............ Is Fox Promoting the War??

38 percent of americans thought the news that was being reported by Fox Network were over exaggerating war events to their viewers. Protraying events negatively. This statement made by a Fox Viewers was interseting to me that viewers would believe that fox was making the news worse than what it really is when a war is a negative action!! War is a violent act, so how can an act thats main intentions is to be violent be displayed worse that what is really is ?? As humans we tend to over react to certain situations , but is it ok that we make that and excuse for the exposure of the war. The media's goal during a war is to show events that they think the re viewers wants to see. The news is only really interested in their ratings, because ratings is where the money is! The news likes to believe that they are providing their viewers with information on current events.

This statement was written by a Fox reporter:

. "The government of Iran disguises its involvement in proliferation and terrorism activities through an array of deceptive practices specifically designed to evade detection,",2933,339909,00.html?sPage=fnc/world/iran


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