Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: NAME CALLING HELPS BEAT KERRY IN 04!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


In the article "How To Detect Propoganda" written by Leonard Doob simple name calling can be used as a major propoganda tool to influence a certain group or community. In one line of the article Doob states,
"Name calling is a device to make us form a judgement without examining the evidence upon which it should be based. Here the propogandist appeals to our hate and fear. he does this by giving "bad names" to those individuals, groups,nations,races,policies,practices,beliefs, and ideals that he would have us condemn and reject."
I think that it is very interesting and true that name calling can be used as an effective means of using propoganda to pesuade an audience or group to a certain way of thinking or idea. For example in the 2004 presidential election John Kerry was labeled a Flip Flopper by the media, especially those at Fox News. In large part because of this he failed to connect with the public and hence George w. Bush and not he is the current president of the united States. Simple name calling helped to elect the President of the United States.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A very good post and a great example of the technique. It was amazing how effective that label was in damaging Kerry's campaign. The trick to name-calling is making it stick without appearing to be a name-caller or negative campaigner.

2/06/2008 10:37 PM  

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