Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Gulf War propaganda and reasoning

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gulf War propaganda and reasoning

The 1991 Gulf War: Mobiliztion of World Public Opinion.

The first Gulf War was most certainly was an intriquing time in America. Most recently since the Cold War post World War 2 era, the United States typically seems to oppose any country that choses not to live by similar customs of the US. These customs include democratic and capitalist societies. Iraq, which at the time was run by the tyrant Saddam Hussein, was pretty much the polar opposite of the United States in every way. In 1990, Hussein and Iraq invaded Kuwait and the United States sought out their chance to eliminate the "threat" or Iraq. In order to avoid another disaster like the Vietnam War the United States claimed the innocence of Kuwait which did include a free election democratic society proved how the dictator Hussein must be stopped. The send out this propaganda in spite of the fact that Kuwait was not a total democracy since women did not receive many human rights in the country. More examples of censorhip and propaganda during the Gulf War can be found at this site.Despite this, the United States continued on thsi propagnda to build support and rally the people. Iraq also had some interesting propaganda at this time. According to the article
"First, (Hussein) claimed that Kuwait had wrong his country by deliberately stealing Iraqi oil; then he claimed Kuwait was historically part of Iraq: and finally he sought a jihad-a holy war against the infidel because the American forces were foreign invaders who were drinking alcohol, eating pork, and practicing prostitution on the holy soil of Islam."

Both sides used this propaganda to build something bigger then it probably was as a way to win the war and in the end that's how the war was decided. Hussein's message did not unite the Arab world as he had hoped whereas many countries rallied behind the United States "freedom preservation" plan and in the end the United States won the conflict. This shows how propaganda could make or break a war effort.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post and discussion, but you need to spell check and proof read your work before publishing.

Both sides in this conflict used propaganda. The Iraqi propaganda was completely ineffective on American and European opinion. I am not sure that American propaganda was particularly effective either. It helped that Saddam's invasion of Kuwait was seen as wrong by most of the world even without any American propaganda.

4/11/2007 10:35 PM  

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