Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Herman on how to source mass media

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Herman on how to source mass media

Now and days all news outlets are on a constant quest to deliver breaking news first. One way to ensure this would be to essentially place cameras and reporters at essentially any and every place where important news stories take place. This, however, is impossible.
According to Herman,

"Economics dictates that (the media) concentrate their resources where
significant news often occurs, where important rumors and leaks abound, and
where regular press conferences are held."

Press conferences are a great innovation in the way the media reports the news. Essentially not only is it a way for media outlets to receive accurate and important information, but it also provides an open forum for the media to address any questions they might have. For example, NASA has recently scheduled a press conference to explain some significent findings on Mars. This is not all perfect however in the case of balanced news reporting. In a quest to actually receive the information first, many news outlets form partnerships with corporations which in effect makes the outlets afraid to offer critiquing in fear of losing this partnership. Herman explains how this innovation in reporting is a double edged sword.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good, substantial post.

Chomsky & Herman offer a "political economy" of the mass media. That means that they believe that economic constraints and market pressures are key influences on media practices. If you wish to control media content you need to understand the business model and the bottom line.

2/12/2007 10:49 PM  

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