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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The World's News Leader

I choose the article, ''The Monopoly is A Memory", because being an avid watcher of CNN its interesting to see how they have grown into the most watched international news network. Stomping there way pass the other news giants such as, CBS, ABC, and NBC and overseas competition Al Jazeera.

After our discussions of the novel, "Second Front, Censorship and Propaganda, In The Gulf War,'' by John MacArthur this article shows that however the use of censorship was mandatory, but it did keep CNN from revealing the truths of the Gulf War.

" Iraqi government and CNN used each other during the Gulf War in 1991 to the mutual benefit of both''. (Elisabeth Jenson, LATimes)

CNN's ratings sky rocketed with millions of viewers tuning in on the war. Years later CNN still hold its ground breaking ratings especially during the 2008 election. CNN earned the 68th prestigious Peabody Award for political coverage in 2008.


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