Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Nintendo News

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nintendo News

In Macarthur’s “Second Front” Jonathan Alter, a media writer, warned that “before long more television viewers may come to realize that for all the spooky network music, theatrical correspondents, and Nintendo military briefings, they have little real information about the progress of the war” (Macarthur 89).

Jonathan Alter was right and viewers lost interest in televised news, at the time, causing networks to lose millions of dollars during the Gulf War. “It became acceptable for graphics to tell most of the story” which was the only option the networks had during the war. The media, simply, did not have interesting enough footage do to censorship.

The government was successful with their censorship campaign and it helped them maintain a specific image of the war. They were able to tell the public about the victories against the “evil” forces of Iraq without showing the ugly face of war. All this was done in order to keep the public in a state that backed the war effort.


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