Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: The Problem Of Objectivity ?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Problem Of Objectivity ?

I enjoyed reading the long article regarding the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. From the article there are a lot of things that is worth mentioning. One of the things that I noticed is that the people that were interviewed were mostly reporters. The whole purpose of the article was to show how the media reported the war in Iraq. Also this article showed how some of the reporters did their job. One of the examples that I found very interesting is that all of the information that some reporters, report back to the United States was not always true. The reason was simply because they could not check whether their information had substance. In additions the reporters seem to have a lot of difficulty finding what happen in the battlefield. They could not interview the people in Iraq because they had no knowledge of the Iraqi language. They had to rely on interpreters which were pretty difficult to find. The whole article is very interesting because it has extended my knowledge of how a reporter can have a difficult job to find information.
There are a lot of question that came to my mind when I finished reading the entire article. First I wonder how can people keep asking if the media has been objective about the news that they report every night? The reason for asking is simply because in the case of the war in Iraq it was pretty difficult to check the facts. Also, another problem that most of the reporters face is that some of the information was not allow to them or they did not have access to. This is because the military did not allow the media to report this information because they do not want to show the public about the real action that happens in Iraq. I also wonder if the picture that the media used during the report of the war was the correct one. This question falls under media representation. How correct was the media in putting a certain picture and how effective was it? Overall the article was a picture of the pro—and –cons of the whole media.


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