Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Such an outrage it is

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Such an outrage it is

"...newspapers reported a U.S air assault that Iraqi officials said killed 58 people at a vegetable market in Baghdad..."
It can give you such anxiety and make you paranoid to hear such things as to one moment someone can be enjoying their day and the next be dead.
"The popular Al-Jazeera satellite television network broadcast the funerals of those killed at the market. It repeatedly showed pictures of severed body parts and wounded toddlers bandaged and crying in hospital beds".
Television ratings and movie ratings are usually there for a purpose, right? Who decides these ratings? Usually that is upon the government . For years in the United States, it was extremely rare to come across a picture of the solider that had deceased or was wounded as a result of the war. Although those images can be gruesome, bloody and morbid; the showing of those images shows the progress America has made. Reality is told in the numbers broadcasted for the death tolls of both civilians and soilders. The sad part is that it isn't until we hear those numbers or see those real and raw pictures is when we realize something is terribly wrong.


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