Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: War Stories

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

War Stories

"The problem, of course, is that these wrong assumptions and incorrect "facts" get played prominently in the prime-time newscasts and in front-page newspaper stories, and become part of the official record. Unfortunately, the record won't show how many Iraqis were treated by Army and Navy doctors, medics, and corpsmen. the record doesn't reflect how many Army engineers and Seabees rebuilt water treatment plants, repaired generators, and fixed irrigation systems. And the record doesn't include enough heartwarming stories about the compassion American warriors have for the children of Iraq."

He argues that the media, the news reporters, they are presenting the war wrongly to the American people. He argues that they only pick the stories that they want, they show the war as they want it. This then becomes reality, and the only facts that are known. He argues that more reporting of the positives is needed. Although it is true there are casualties, and blood, and terror. But there are positives to report on as well. He gives the example of Matt Grosz and his battalion, how they were ordered to protect a suburb of Karbala. The solders did more then just protect, they set up civic projects for the people of the suburb. Yet the American people never see or hear these actions. The American people only see blood shed and negative reporting.


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